The first Audi TT arrived in 1998, and its simple and distinctive shape instantly captured the imagination of buyers who were terminally bored with conventional hatchbacks and saloons. Appearing to be carved from the solid rather than assembled from individual parts, the TT became an instant design icon.

Now in its third generation, the TT is well established as a modern classic. As with its predecessors, the current model shares many mechanical components with VW’s evergreen Golf GTI, and is thus popular with the aftermarket tuners and their customers. The bright red Barracuda Wheels Audi TT demonstration car wears a set of their eyecatching 9.5×19-inch (508 euro each) Ultralight Project 2.0 alloy wheels shod with 245/35R19 tyres. While these wheels have the standard clear lacquered Silver Brushed Surface finish, a Gunmetal grey finish is also available.

Manufactured using Barracuda’s innovative flow-forming process, this wheel weighs 9.7 kg, fully justifying its Ultralight name. This low unsprung mass is beneficial to the cars driving dynamics, which are further enhanced by a KW Variant 3 fully adjustable coilover suspension kit (from 1,770 euro) set to lower the ride height by 45 mm in front and 35 mm at the rear.