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274720043 Rear bumper racelook jms golf 3 tuning without exhaust cut out (fitting from all exhaust systems possible)

274737024 Complete bonnet incl. air intakes and bad look 
274725013 Side skirts
274721023 frontbumper golf 3 without cuotut for indicators


273005 Roof spoiler  Golf III 3-piece Look



273001 Golf III / Vento Front lip spoiler Race


7070g Front grill Golf III 2-Rippen
7070s Front grill Golf III 3-Rippen

243002 Diffusor



203001 Side skirts

8171750090 Rear apron

7171630090 Roof spoiler


I-3666 Xenon-Golf IV-look for VW Golf III
incl. parking-light with E-mark

9EL006220-851 Taillights black Golf III 9/91-, not Variant

9EL006220-921 Taillights white/red Golf III 9/91-

9EL006220-871 Taillights blue Golf III 9/91-, not Variant

9EL006220-931 Taillights silver Golf III 9/91-, not Variant

1DJ008187-011-left Golf III FF-lights Golf IV Look

1DJ008187-021-right Golf III FF-lights Golf IV Look

44042 Eyebrows Race  
D00042027 Frontbumper
C00042028 Frontsplitter for bumper
B00115117 Foglights blue
D00043033+34 Side skirts
D00042062 Rear apron
D00041084 Roof spoiler with brakelight
D00042010 frontbumper Golf 3
D00042014 Headlightcover incl. frontgrill
D00042033 frontbumper Golf 3 with cutout for indicators
D00042035 frontbumper Golf 3 without cutout for indicaotrs
203011 frontbumper Golf 3
203012 foglights
203014 Indicators for frontbumper
203013 frontbumper golf 3
203012 foglights
MX-8171200090 frontbumper vento
MX-7175100000 frontgrill vento
MX-7175103000 frontgrill vento
MX-8175700000 Rear bumper vento
MX-7175650090 rear window cover vento
MX-7175630090 rear wing vento
273006-SWVent Tuning Rear wing race VW Vento
273007-SWVentb Tuning Rear wing race VW Vento with brakelight
INE-120046 Rear bumper Vento
K00042011 Front lip spoiler golf 3 race 2
K00042018 fornt lip spoiler golf 3 race 4
K00042024 front lip spoiler vento race vw tuning
K00043037+38 side skirts golf 3 race 1
K0099700+1 side skirts golf 3 race 1 carbon look